Are you looking for a new destination for your next trip? Then pack your bags for Sicily. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, this largest island in Italy has more than ten major cities not to be missed, including Taormina and Siracusa. Make discoveries and unforgettable memories as a family, a couple or with friends with the must-see places in these big cities.

Why visit Taormina and Siracusa?

Taormina and Syracuse are considered the wonders of Sicily. These two cities are the most visited tourist places on the island. Offering a lush landscape dominated by Mediterranean vegetation, these two Sicilian coasts offer a superb panoramic view of the blue sea. There is no shortage of activities with visits to archaeological sites and monuments dating back centuries. It is also possible to enjoy Sicilian culinary specialities in the large hotels and restaurants on the premises. For a family holiday, the hotels are available to satisfy your requirements. Some even have a spa, a swimming pool or a wellness area to relax after a day as a tourist in the streets of Taormina and Syracuse.

Where to go to Taormina?

Situated on the east coast of Sicily, Taormina lies on a hill about 250m above sea level. From the entrance, Corso Umberto, the main street leading to the town centre is lined with shops, boutiques, restaurants and grocery stores to stock up on souvenirs. The alleyway represents a remarkable city architecture with houses of similar shape. To appreciate a historical monument, visit the Greek Theatre of Taormina Sicily. An old amphitheatre open to the sky, it also gives a view of the sea. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas is also an ancient church from medieval times. You can visit Taormina to see the ancient architecture of this place. Climbing more than 300 steps up the Madonna De la Roche mountain, gives a superb view of the whole town. Admire a breathtaking sunset on the mount. The beach and waters of Isola Bella offer a boat ride, jet-skiing fun, and diving, to combine sport and fun.

What places to explore in Syracuse?

Apart from Taormina Sicily, Siracusa is also a jewel of the island. Visiting Siracusa allows you to discover a dozen sites that are both touristic and historical. In fact, most of the must-see places in this south-eastern coastal city of Sicily are monuments dating back to centuries B.C., making it the oldest Greek city. Take a tour of the island of ortigye for a gourmet pleasure in the cafes, bars and restaurants in the centre of the city. To step back in time to antiquity, don't miss the catacombs of San Giovanni, the Neapolis Archaeological Park and the Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum. They all contain architecture and accessories used in the past. If you like swimming in the middle of nature, the Cassibile nature reserve offers a waterfall and natural swimming pool. The place is also full of endemic species to be explored on hikes.