To make your honeymoon trip truly memorable, it is important to choose travel destinations that are out of the ordinary, you may find some travel creations that will interest you on You can opt for a honeymoon in a luxurious palace in India, a stay in a stilted house in the Maldives, the desert of Arizona or the paradise island of Lombok in Indonesia.

It is possible to get off the beaten track by taking a trip around the world for an unforgettable honeymoon. Mauritius, Bali, the island of Tsarabanjina in Madagascar or the Seychelles are perfect winter destinations for honeymoons. It’s so warm there that you forget that it’s winter in Europe. Moreover, it is possible to combine culinary tourism with the practice of different activities such as snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, lazing around, etc… More on


To ensure that your stay in a sunny destination takes place in optimal conditions, you should use a travel agency for travel reservations. A travel agency can take care of all the travel arrangements from start to finish, which saves holidaymakers a lot of time and money.


Accidents or illnesses can happen at any time, even on holiday. It is therefore more prudent to take out travel insurance before you leave. This way, you are covered during your stay and you can enjoy the scenery and the many activities
available on site.


Travelling on a budget forces you to be creative. But it is a necessary part of the travel planning process. A trip is planned months in advance. That’ s the secret of its success, whether it is solo, in couple, with family or
with friends.


Today, tourism is beginning to change its face. Thus, the followers of solidarity tourism, ecotourism and slow tourism are more and more numerous and have access to more and more activities, enough to fill their holiday blogs! This also encourages travel agencies and tourist operators to modify their offers to satisfy these new types of holidaymakers.


Inspired by slow food, slow tourism allows holidaymakers to travel slowly and take their time to discover a travel destination. Consuming local products, using clean means of transport, staying in local homes and meeting the local population are the strong points of this travel trend.


Also known as green tourism, ecotourism seeks to combine relaxation with respect for nature. This type of tourism involves families and vacationers participating in various outdoor activities. It is part of sustainable and responsible tourism by preserving natural resources and biodiversity.

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